Cutting, Tube Facing, Pipe Bevelling

Thin Wall Tube Saws

GFI Tool, Orbitalum PS Range.

Lightweight, portable tube cutting saws.  Wall thickness from 0.6mm up to 3mm.  OD from 12mm to 166mm.


Heavy Duty Pipe Saws

GFI Tool & Orbitalum GF & RA Range.  

Heavy duty production pipe saws.  

Wall thickness from 1mm up to 9mm.

OD from 12mm to 300mm.


Splt Frame Pipe Saws

COFIM Split Frames.

For in-line cutting and weld prepping.

Mainly used on thick wall applications or reduced length pipe.


Tube Squaring

GFI Tool, Orbital Service & Orbitalum.

Thin wall tube facing.

0.6mm up to 3mm wall thickness.

3mm OD up to 218mm OD.


Pipe Bevelling

Orbitalum & EH Wachs.

Pipe bevelling range for internal clamping of pipes.

19mm ID up to 270mm ID.

2mm up to 15mm Wall Thickness.



Orbitalum, Orbital Service, EH Wachs & COFIM cutting, bevelling accessories.

Tool bits, saw blades, cutting fluid etc.

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