Orbital Accessories

Oxygen Purge Monitors


Orbital Service, Ionalysis, Orbitalum.

Purge monitors and analysers.

Units that can read down to 1ppm and control an orbital welding program, to simple hand held 10ppm site units.

Tungsten Grinders


GFI Tool, Orbitalum, Neutrix, Jankus tungsten grinders.  From simple hand held units to bench mounted machines. 

Purge Systems


Jankus purge systems, dams and fingers.  Complete sets with flexible middles for elbow and T welding.  Replacement dams and gas hose sets.

Pipe Clamps


Pipe alignemt clamps to set up manual tacking process.  For straight pipe, elbows, T pieces and other configurations. 

Site Tools


Pipe cleaning machines, pipe and tube weld cleaning machines, pipe stands, vision inspection tools, saw benches, welding trollies, tungstens, purge paper and any other products that help the tube & pipe welding process.

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